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Virginia Fusion Center

2023 LEO/FLO/Shield Conference

March 22-23, 2023
Virginia Beach, Virginia

2023 FLO/Shield Conference

The Virginia Fusion Center (VFC)  is pleased to announce a FREE 2 day conference for sworn Virginia or Federal Law Enforcement Officers, our existing FLO Officers, as well as a 1 day event (March 23)  for our Shield members.
This conference will serve as an opportunity to network, receive additional training, and re-connect to the VFC.

Who is authorized to attend?

The conference will be divided into two days.  Attendees can register based on their eligibility.  There is no registration fee.

DAY 1 – (only groups listed below)

  • Sworn Virginia Law Enforcement Officers
  • Federal Law Enforcement officers
  • Existing FLO Officers
  • Criminal/Intelligence Analysts actively supporting Law Enforcement 

DAY 2 –

  • All Day 1 Participants and All VFC Shield Members

Not a Shield Member? Join today and then register for day 2 of this event via the link below.


The Nashville Christmas Day Bombing

Day 1

On December 25, 2020, Anthony Warner detonated his Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) in downtown Nashville, TN.  This explosion crippled critical infrastructure and damaged historical buildings and vehicles.  Experts have labeled this explosion the fourth largest in U.S. History – leaving evidence scattered over 36 city blocks covering 25 buildings, four miles of roadway, one mile of river bank and united command spanning nine agencies and over 350 personnel.  Search operations were conducted over a five-day span.  FBI Victim Specialists identified over 2000 victims impacted by the bombing and worked with hundreds of private sector representatives, including building owners, tenants, and contractors, to conduct a site visit during search operations.

SABT Adriaan Valk | FBI Memphis Field Office
Special Agent Bomb Technician Valk was the first FBI bomb technician on scene and managed the crime scene until the scene was turned back over to the City of Nashville on December 30, 2020.

Sex Trafficking in Virginia: Identification and Response

Day 1

This session will build on the basic understanding of sex trafficking by illustrating what it looks like in the Commonwealth. We will share the types of sex trafficking we are seeing in different regions of the state and explain the grooming process that is used by traffickers throughout Virginia. Participants will learn how to identify sex trafficking, including physical, behavioral, and mental health indicators. We will also discuss how to report potential cases of trafficking. Case examples will be shared throughout the presentation.

McKayla Burnett | Dept of Criminal Justice Services
McKayla Burnett is the State Trafficking Services Specialist at Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). She provides training, outreach, and technical support for victim services providers and other professionals. McKayla has worked in the victim services field since 2015. She has provided crisis response and case management to survivors of sexual and domestic violence and human trafficking in hospitals, jails, and residential programs. Along with her direct services experience, McKayla has managed residential programs for sex trafficking, developing various policies and protocols for working with survivors. She completed her Master’s of Social Work degree and certificate program in Gender Violence Intervention at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Virginia Threat Brief

Day 1


SAC Lt. Austin White | Virginia Fusion Center
Austin C. White has over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience to include criminal investigation, dignitary protection, intelligence analysis, and training. He is assigned as the Special Agent in Charge of the Criminal Intelligence Division within the Virginia State Police (VSP) and holds the rank of Lieutenant. His current position has him commanding VSP’s Field Intelligence Unit, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Team, and the Virginia Fusion Center Special Projects Team.

Mobilization Indicators

Day 2 


Ron Hess | National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
Mr. Ron Hess has spent over 26 years in the Intelligence Community (IC) in a variety of disciplines to include federal law enforcement, physical and personnel security, intelligence report writing, financial intelligence analysis, terrorist watchlisting, counterterrorism screening and vetting, and liaison operations. After beginning his career with the CIA, Mr. Hess transitioned to the private sector as a contractor for 12 years supporting various IC and law enforcement missions. In 2014, Mr. Hess joined the NCTC as a cadre officer and served as a Branch Chief and Deputy Group Chief within NCTC’s Directorate of Identity Intelligence (DII), Identity Resolution and Screening Group (IRSG). In June 2021, Mr. Hess was selected as the NCTC Representative for the National Capital Region where he currently serves.

See Something, Say Something

Day 2 


SA Dante Robinson | Virginia Fusion Center
Dante is the Virginia Fusion Center’s Training and Outreach Manager. He was promoted to this position after a 12-year career as a senior trooper patrolling Chesterfield, Amelia and Powhatan counties. Dante’s duties include managing the Virginia Fusion Center’s Fusion Liaison Training Program, the Virginia Fusion Center’s Shield Program as well as the Unmanned Aerial Systems Familiarization Outreach Program. In addition to his state police duties, Dante is a licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Part 107 pilot and has logged over 150 hours of UAV flight time. Prior to joining the state police, Dante served as a Calvary Scout with the United States Army. He successfully completed two distinguished combat tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Open-Source Cyber

Day 2 


Rob Reese | Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center


Day 2

The De-Escalation class is designed to provide attendees an overview of purposeful actions, verbal communication, and specific body language techniques that can use to help calm an escalating person and potentially prevent a violent act. The class emphasizes the need for individuals to understand their own capabilities and limitations when dealing with a potentially violent individual and recognize when it’s time to get help. The class also reinforces that personal safety and the safety of others is the priority.

Joe Kluczynski | Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
A veteran of both the U.S. Army, and Coast Guard, Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History & English Literature from Towson University, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Colorado Christian University.  Joe has served as a State Trooper with the Colorado State Patrol and was assigned to their Homeland Security Section’s, critical infrastructure protection and criminal intelligence teams.  In 2012 Joe joined the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate where he was a member of the Regional Resilience Assessments Team.  Joe currently serves as a Protective Security Advisor for the National Capital Region that includes the District of Columbia, and VDEM Regions two and seven.


Simon Family Jewish Community Center
5000 Corporate Woods Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Day 1 & 2

Sworn Virginia Law Enforcement Officers
Federal Law Enforcement Officers
Existing FLO Officers
Criminal/Intelligence Analysts actively supporting Law Enforcement

Day 2 Only

All Day 1 Participants
All VFC Shield Members