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Behavior Threat

Behavioral threat assessment and management (BTAM) is a fact-based, systematic process designed to identify, assess, and manage potentially dangerous or violent situations.

Pathway to Violence Video 


The “Pathway to Violence” video provides information regarding the behavior indicators that assailants often demonstration before a violent act. Behavior experts reference research conducted by Frederick Calhoun and Steve Weston’s on threat management and further describes the six progressive steps that may be observable by colleagues. The video also includes law enforcement expert interviews that discuss engagement strategies and recommended responses to someone potentially on a pathway to violence.

Echoes of Columbine


This documentary explores the issue of school shootings and what schools, parents, and law enforcement can do to help prevent these attacks.

Pathway to Violence: Warning Signs and What You Can Do

This printer-friendly fact sheet explains warning signs that may lead to violence and what individuals can do to mitigate a potential incident.


Department of Homeland Secuity – CISA

Original release date: October 05, 2016 | Last revised: March 13, 2019