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Virginia Fusion Center

Cyber Intelligence Team


What is the Cyber Intelligence Team?

The Cyber Intelligence Team is a unit within the Virginia Fusion Center that serves the cyber community of the Commonwealth. We routinely evaluate malicious activity impacting Virginia governments, produce intelligence products to promote cybersecurity, and provide decision makers with key intelligence to make informed decisions about how to secure their cyberspace.

What Cyber Resources Does the Fusion Center Offer?

The Virginia Fusion Center offers threat intelligence, incident response resources, and shares information about training and other helpful tools:

C. Every public body shall report all (i) known incidents that threaten the security of the Commonwealth's data or communications or result in exposure of data protected by federal or state laws and (ii) other incidents compromising the security of the public body's information technology systems with the potential to cause major disruption to normal activities of the public body or other public bodies. Such reports shall be made to the Virginia Fusion Intelligence Center within 24 hours from when the incident was discovered. The Virginia Fusion Intelligence Center shall share such reports with the Chief Information Officer, as described in § 2.2-2005, or his designee at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, promptly upon receipt.

Commonwealth of Virginia Code §2.2-5514Mandatory Reporting Requirements - Effective 1JUL2022

Statewide Incident Response

The Virginia Fusion Center is proud to provide incident analysis and resource coordination throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We work alongside several state and federal authorities to provide effective resolution for all reported incidents.


Questions about Incident Response?

If you have any questions about the incident response process, please start by reading our FAQs and Locality Engagement Guide. If your questions still haven’t been answered, please click the button below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can request Incident Response Assistance?
    • The VFC works to provide resources to State, Local, Territorial, Tribal, Critical Infrastructure, and Private entities within the geographical borders of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Does it cost money?
    • Incident response is a part of our mission and is provided at no cost; however, third party vendors and services may require additional funding.
  • How do I contact the Virginia Fusion Center Cyber Intelligence Team?
    • If you are seeking urgent contact for an incident, please click the “Report an Incident” button at the top of the page. Otherwise,  you may reach the CIT by emailing regarding your request.