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Virginia Fusion Center

System Overview

Highlights and Features of our System 

Custom Solution
Flexible and can be tailored to agency specific needs
Subscriber data stays locally on site
Data is not shared/sold with any third party in contrast with services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.
Unlimited Subscribers
Unlimited Subscribers without additional costs
Unlimited Lists (newsletter groups)
Unlimited Lists (newsletter groups) allow Admin maintain multiple lists for each sector or group
Cost Effective
One time fee for software.  Only recurring fees are web hosting and emailing service.
Public Facing Shield Website
Custom Shield website that hosts the systems as well as a place to host shield related resources
Each Email is also it’s own webpage
Each sent email sent also becomes a live webpage the public can view

The signup form is hosted on our Shield website and can be accessed via desktop or mobile

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

The system allows for analytics for each email sent.  These analytics include:

  • The number of subscribers that opened the email
  • The number of clicks on the email
  • The number of unsubscribes
  • The ability to see exactly where subscribers are clicking (which links) See second screenshot below.
  • Desktop vs Mobile views

Detailed Analytics View for each Product Sent

Geo-Specific Antaytics of Product Sent

Pick the Receivers

The user interface is intuitive.  Much like MS Word

Add Custom Images

A Variety of Templates and Layouts are Available

Subscriber View

  • The system will create entries for each subscriber
  • Can easily see what sector each subscriber belongs to
  • Detailed analytics to see what the interaction of the subscriber to the products sent
  • Subscribers can be exported to Excel

Detailed Subscriber Analytics View

Other Important Features/Items of note

  • System supports uploading mass info (if you already have a list of members or transiting from an existing system)