April 2021 - Issue 1 of 3


Incidents/Articles of Note:



BBB Scam Tracker

Spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? Tell us about it. Help us investigate and warn others by reporting what you know.



Gift Card Fraud Prevention

The following is a guide to help bring awareness to common scams involving gift cards.  Presented by Lowes. 

black laptop computer on black table by Samet Özer (https://unsplash.com/@samedow)


Phishing Or Suspicious Emails Or Texts Claiming To Be From Netflix

Did you receive an email or text (SMS) requesting your Netflix account email, phone number, password, or payment method? If so, it probably did not come from us. Here are some tips to identify and handle a suspicious email or text and keep your account safe.


This is an open-source product.  Redistribution is encouraged.

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Observe Suspicious Activity?


Awareness through information sharing

This bulletin is the result of collaboration and cooperation from a variety of Shield programs and public safety orientated officials.  Special thanks to the following partners.

Hanover Shield
Stafford County Shield
Louisa County Shield

VFC Shield

"Awareness Through Information Sharing"




The opinions or conclusions of the authors reflected in the open source articles does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Virginia Fusion Center. The sources have been selected to provide you with event information to highlight available resources designed to improve public safety and reduce the probability of becoming a victim of a crime.


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